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What is Freeze Dried,

What is freeze-dried candy?
The freeze-drying process removes all the moisture from the candy, making the flavors even better. Freeze-drying sweets turns your old, familiar sweets into a whole new experience!!


Different appearance,
Candy that is freeze-dried often has a different appearance than the original product, due to freeze-drying the candy often expands and becomes very airy and brittle, the candy then melts also often in the mouth.


Longer shelf life,
Another advantage of freeze-drying is that the products have a longer shelf life by removing the water. Under the right conditions, some freeze-dried products can be stored for up to 25 years. However, we use a shelf life of +/- 1 year.


Why more expensive,
Freeze-dried candy is a lot more expensive than “regular” candy, this is due to, among other things, the extra processing the candy has undergone (the freeze-dryer alone is particularly expensive), also shipping must be done with extra care. But the unique taste experience is more than worth the higher price!


Freeze-dried products are very fragile, so we cannot guarantee that the product will remain intact during shipping. Although we handle the products with care and pack them well for shipping, it may happen that your products arrive broken.

As you will understand, we give no guarantee on this!

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